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Pop Up 2014 October 11-14

Pop Up 2014_05.jpg

GOoH/ Gallery Out of Home/ and the artist ERVIN HERVÉ-LÓRÁNTH together completed the RIPPED UP sculpture– installation, a part of the giant sculpture and installation program, which has already started for years, timed to the Art Market Exhibition in Budapest.

Ars poetics of the work
The creation has several meanings, such as the symbolism of freedom, the desire to break free, the curiosity, and the dynamics of development. It can be interpreted as the demonstration of the present situation of the contemporary art scene, or even as it strives to create an urban public communal space.
One of the goals of the sculpture is to demonstrate the artist’s ability to create outstanding quality pieces with the help of his sheer will power and creativity. The mainstream society of the contemporary art scene in the 21st century has to consider art works from a new and different perspective, through the interactivity of project it can be the part of the communication of their everyday life and they can become a part of creation.

Today, through the integration of social media, we cannot only create a community space, but also in a broader sense we can take the national contemporary art’s creations and artist to anywhere in the world, with the integration of the audience.

The initiative is not only dedicated to showcasing the visual arts, but also the holistic presentation of art, giving space to other genres, like literature, music, dance or even street art.

The uniqueness of the initiative is enhanced by the support of major public institutions, like t Nemzeti Kulturális Alap (National Cultural Fund), and Balassi Intézet (Balassi Institute). Special thanks goes to the Municipality of Budapest, which accepts the creation and provides an opportunity for the construction of this installation in the most beautiful and busy spot of the city, offering a possibility for greater publicity of the creation.

Why is this installation peculiar?
We often associate to bronze creations of cavalrymen from the previous centuries when public sculptures are mentioned. Giant sculptures have appeared lately in many cities of Europe, which try to touch, reach, and speak to the modern men. This sculpture is also unique because, a sculpture on such a grand scale has never had the opportunity in Budapest before to be presented in a public space. The other specialty is location. The creation was installed in Széchenyi Square, at the end of Chain Bridge, in the most beautiful and busy spot of the city. So huge popularity will be provided and we cannot only reach the urban people by daily traffic, but also tourists show up here. The sculpture can be seen well from the Buda Castle, from the other side of the Danube.

GOoH by Hervé main goal was to reflect the diversity and the receptivity of our society. The initiative helps to participate everyday people in art in an exemplary manner, because they inevitably confront the creation.
The organizers consider extremely relevant that the theme, the style work and the quality of art would be worthy to the capital and expand the range of tourist attractions.
The first station of exhibition is Széchenyi Square and from October 23th it continues in Ulm, also by the Danube. According our future plans we would like to present it in Stuttgart and Vienna too.

The sculpture was installed under Gallery Out of Home, with the financial support of NKA. Special thank for help of Oazis Gardening. Waberer’s International generous offering handles the international transportation of the sculpture and Ustream provides media communication.

There is an almost 13 meters high “man”, Behemótka standing near Collegium Hungaricum in Berlin. We can find an about16x3 meters installation at the Train Station of Sopron. Additionally more creations and installations were seen during the Summer Festival Season. Now he is working on sculpture for Graz and there is request by the MUMOK in Vienna.

Dr. Miklós Somogyi
Ervin Hervé-Lóránth

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