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Gallery Out-of-Home Europe

Our vision is to bring art closer to the public through the presentation of 2D artworks in city light posters and other media surfaces, and 3D works in public spaces around Budapest. However, we also seek to create the holistic presentation of art, giving space to other genres, like literature, music, dance or even street art. We seek to create new and innovative platforms to present special, unusual sized sculptures with online media techniques. We are particularly drawn to public spaces to reach wider publics.

The project’s mission is also to provide opportunities to introduce talented emerging and mid-career artists, by presenting their work on traditional outdoor media solutions (for 2D work) and linking it with the newest digital (online, social media, own application development) interactive media solutions. We also aim to use creative and astounding installations and sculptures. This not only gives opportunities to artists, but also brightens the day of public onlookers who have the ability to experience art on the street on their way to work, home, or to the city, making Budapest more colorful and improving the spirit of the people.

Gallery Out of Home USA 

GOoH USA showcases young emerging sculptors and installation artists with working in the United States. Without a permanent home, the organization is nomadic focusing on projects in different public spaces. We believe that there is an audience everywhere and we seek to take to them innovative and unique sculptures, changing their day to day experience of the city.



Art Gallery

"Great art picks up where nature ends."

Marc Chagall
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