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Zi Hao Song

Artist Statement

In the beginning of my Art, I am really confused of what I want to produce and what type of artist style I want to develop. I don’t know what is right for me, so I start to seek and explore. I first start doing works that relates to stages of my life. Although it’s quite short right now, but the stages are not only for me. I started oil, charcoal, photoshops, and acrylic to find what instruments I am comfortable to work with. Than my art works drift to water related. My purpose of art works towards the audience is to create a calm, quiet mood. I am in love with color blue, and used it a lot.

During the end of 2012, Roger Pfund becomes one of my favorite artist. By his inspiration, I created DengLiJun. A portrait of a passed Chinese singer. Because my school doesn’t have huge printer for me to print her on the canvas, I used projector to project it on the canvas and draw on it. I love the design and the color that Pfund used in this works. A lot of his prints have a lot of colors in them. I didn’t go down to with the color so much. But I like Pfund’s style, which I am developing right now.

My art works are based on my feelings towards the world and mood that I want to have, which shapes with my multiple techniques.
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