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Yildiz Karabiyik

In my art I try to pursue the idea of time and the passing moment along with inheritance and critical choices. I like to incorporate the human figure into my works; I find it the easiest way to express myself through a person on the canvas. Drawing always followed me throughout my life; ever since my early childhood I loved drawing people, and pushed myself to obtain better results and to reach my style. I always went further to create something unique, something that bespeaks of me. For a very long time I didn’t have a collective, repetitive theme that would just really be me, but due to personal events I have come to realize that I want my pieces to revolve around the passing moment and the legacy I obtain from my family. Although my main focus is usually the human figure, I started to experiment with city silhouettes as a part of the inheritance theme. Although I am very enthusiastic towards hyperrealism, in my art I usually mix the elements of slight surrealism with realism. My works might have a somber feeling because of the cold blue I use. The usage of blue was inspired by Vincent van Gogh, whose work I admire to a great extent.
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