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Timea Tifan

Timea Laura Tifan Gy
American International School, Budapest
IB Art, Option B
Exam: 2014

My artwork is the result of sustained and diverse experiments conducted with a large pallet of materials and techniques. The central theme in my portfolio is the “contrast between geometry and nature”. The theme was developed while planning one of my earlier projects. This idea of fusing nature with modern life, fascinated me so I painted “Tempered Geometry”, a still life integrating sharp edges of a cube and the natural flowing curves of a drape in the foreground and branches in the background. Afterwards I developed the idea and experimented with string and wood for a while.

As an artist I chose my media through conducting some initial, preparatory studies. My pallet of materials ranges from liquid concentrated watercolor to acrylic paint and from string to wood, wire and cardboard. My work surfaces ranged from canvas to paper and from wood to printing plates.

If I were to choose two of my best series in my portfolio, I would say the string series (“Submerged”, “String Circles” and “String Frames”) and the calligraphy prints(series of 3 prints: first print, ghost and embossing).

The meaning of my work stands in the process of making it and the materials involved. Creating an art piece is like the life of a toddler: starts as an experiment, and it evolves into a journey after consistent experimenting with new materials and composition.
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