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Lilla Varga

Artist Statement

During my two years in IB higher level art, I explored numerous techniques through which I could describes themes I intended to follow. Salvador Dalí had the greatest influence on me and he inspired me to go in a surrealistic direction within my art.

Most of my works are either oil paintings or photographs. Even though they are very different mediums they all show abstraction and create a dream-like feeling. I was always eager to take new challenges and I was never scared to try unusual techniques such as sculpting from plaster or using unique camera modes. Furthermore many of my paintings focus on the exploration of color and their use. My aim was always to create something harmonious yet dynamic using vibrant colors and strong movements.

I believe it is through photography by which I could truly express meaning because they are more straight forward than a painting. However, when I painted I used symbolism a lot and focused on expressing emotions such as happiness, helplessness, hopefulness and passion.
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