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Julia Martos

Artist Statement

As an artist, I have developed a theme of human animal metamorphosis, as I view animals and humans as equally important. Throughout my paintings I aim to portray the physical, mental, and emotional relationship between the people and animals, which has fascinated me for a long time. At a deeper level, some of my pieces imply a critical view on the global social problems, yet in some paintings the painting is about myself: my cognition, my emotional state and my aim to unlock and portray my subconscious. Furthermore, I often emphasize the Hungarian culture in my paintings, based on the Hungarian tale of how Hungary was found. The message behind my paintings that I aim to emphasize are different, whether criticizing global problems, unlocking the subconscious, or suggesting the complexity of Hungarian culture and history, yet convey these themes through the motif metamorphosis and the physical and psychological relationship between humans and animals.

I think of myself as an artist who is willing to experience with the medium in hopes of creating unique, insightful and complex art. The most common technique I use is oil paint on canvas, and I have challenged myself numerous times to work on a bigger canvas regarding scale than I ever thought. I have also used watercolor paint, watercolor pencil, and graphite pencil numerous times. I have also used mixed medium, in which my aim was to use both controllable and uncontrollable techniques, which has an outcome that I found fascinating. I hope to continue to create more paintings and experiment with mediums, as I believe art is a life-long passion.

Word count: 266
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