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Fanni Somogyi

Art has played a central role in my childhood. My family has endowed me with an appreciation for culture and the arts. The artists in my family have helped to increase this passion. Art is a safe haven for me, always there, never faltering. I want to be a visual creator, but also have a social responsibility to use this passion to bring change. I create art to express my emotions, bring life to my thoughts and comment on society.

News, people, sight, smells all inspire me. The first time I connected art with social responsibility was when I painted a peace dove in 8th grade for Peace One Day project. The major themes and subjects matter that I have explored are figures, the self and social commentary. Art is powerful tool that can illicit emotions of people and draw to their consciousness an urgent problem.

Domestic violence and the human rights situation in Syria were some of the topics that I have investigated. “The Frail Nature of Freedom” is one of these works through, which I commented on domestic violence in Hungary. The woman is tensed trying to rip herself out of an invisible tegument. The bloody bird head, which she is morphing into represents her tortured freedom. I like experimenting with new methods and in the background I painted the roses by using actual real roses as stamps.

Although my primary medium is oil painting I like exploring new media, such as, watercolor and use in unconventional painting materials such as roses or smoking the canvas, which I have done to create the impression of fire. It is exhilarating trying out new methods and I want to demonstrate the seriousness of the situation to my audience.
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