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Cindy Ji

Artist Statement

In my early works, the ideas of stillness and quietness are presented through the neutral, transparent colors. The colors in my works are so faint that they seem transparent. This transparency applies a sense of still and quiescence. As I developed into a later stage, I start by using colors other than those subtle colors and contrasting colors such as blue and red. But after I explore more with my media and studio works, I began to realize the dramatic passion I that I needed in my work, thus I started to analyze artist of abstract art, picked up rough big brushes and started painting big and wild.

I worked a lot with symbols and shapes; they mostly had to do with my cultural background. These symbols were presented in different ways such as watercolor and oil painting. There was also the element of flow of colors in my paintings, which focuses on how the color flows across the canvas or paper.

The forms of works also had some range between them, from oil to print, from water color to clay work. This was done on intention to widen my range of interest and sometimes get out of my comfort zone trying new medias of art.
Most of the major piece has some elements from the inspiration of artists that I have looked at either in a museum or a catalog either in class or online. Sometimes I assert more than one artist’s inspiration into one body of work. Overall the style of my art is constantly shifting as they gradually approach towards a more mature manner.
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