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Ali Rose

I make art to transport the viewer and myself to a different world, a world that I have created with my brush. Having lived in Africa for three years, and travelled around it extensively, both while living there and after the fact, the places I have visited and the things I have experienced there have had an irrevocable effect on my art and what I choose to create. Africa is my heart’s home and continues to inspire even my daily life. From the beginning to the end, I strive to draw people into my work and give them the ability to share my feelings on Africa. I want my work to make them fall in love with the colors, the tastes and the smells of my memories. Over time, I have chosen to work primarily in oil paint because I like the way that I can work with it day after day. I enjoy being able to manipulate, not only the shades and appearance on the canvas but even the volume and shape of the paint to be thicker or thinner depending on my subject. I try to use every aspect of the paint and allow it to act as it was meant to, freely and without the constant control of a brush or knife. At my summer painting course in July 2013, my professor complimented me on my ability to be daring in terms of composition and willing to let go of even my favorite parts of a painting to make it the best and most beautiful piece it would be. I hope to forever translate this freedom into my art, especially with my African influence, and inspire other artists to find their true home.
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